Settlement Cell
Under the TLR&LR Act, powers under section 95 (revision of orders passed by subordinate officer e.g.; correction of RoR) and section 11(3) (power to decide dispute over property) are vested with the Collector. The SDM revenue section arrange for field inquiry through the DCMs, on direction from the Collector. Powers under Section 20 (Approval of diversion of land), section 52 (demarcation of village boundaries) and section 46 (mutation) are vested with the Deputy Collector. In these cases, views are sought from the SDM office for taking decision. Powers under section 187 and section 53 (eviction of unauthorised occupier after fixing of boundary are vested with the Sub-Divisional Officer. Apart from such cases, payment of award for Land Acquisition cases, sale permission for allotted land, land valuation, wakf matters and works related to cases in the District Court and High Court are also processed by the Revenue section of the Sub-Divisional office.