Tribal Welfare section
Tribal Welfare section. The section deals with various special assistance schemes for the SCs, STs, OBCs and the minorities. At State level each of these sections has separate directorates. However, at district and Sub Divisional level, single section deals with all the 4 categories. Special assistance available for the STs include pre and post metric scholarships, special coaching for dropouts, merit awards, supply of free textbooks and hostel facilities. For their economic development, financial and technical assistance is given for developing plantations of rubber, horticulture, tea and coffee. Vocational training, pre induction for recruitment to army and paramilitary forces, entrepreneurship through SHGs-assistance for capacity building, infrastructure development and capital flow, construction of market stall for unemployed youths etc. are other major schemes. Most of these schemes are implemented at the level of SDMs. The funds for implementation of schemes are routed through the DMs. Rehabilitation scheme for surrendered extremists: The scheme was announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI. Militants, who had surrendered after 1998 are given benefits like vocational training with stipend of Rs.3500 per month, fixed deposit of Rs.1.50 lacs and provision of availing loan against this fixed deposit for income generation. Under sec 187 of the TLR and LR Act, for selling the land of tribal to non tribal, permission of the DM is mandatory. On receiving any application for this purpose, the District Tribal Welfare officer writes to the concerned SDM, who in turn directs the concerned deputy collector to enquire and ascertain that the selling person would not become landless or homeless. On such ascertainment, the DM forwards it to the State Tribal Welfare directorate, who places it to Tribal Advisory Sub Committee. It is chaired by the Minister for Tribal Welfare. On its recommendation, it is approved by the Tribal Advisory Committee, which is chaired by the Chief Minister. After this the DM grants permission for sale within a specified period. Transfer by way of mortgage to a cooperative society or bank is valid under the same section of the Act; however, such lands cannot be transferred to a nontribal without the permission of the collector. The same section also provides for the restoration of land to a tribal, if that transfer was done on or after first January 1969. Application for this is done to the SDM, who after enquiry places the proposal to the directorate through the DM. There is a District level Vigilance cum Monitoring Committee under the chairmanship of the DM, constituted under the Prevention of Atrocities against SC/ST Act. CM’s Special Package for Tribal Welfare for the period of 2013-14 to 2017-18 is also under implementation. Implementation of the Rights of Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional forest Dwellers Act, 2006 is monitored and coordinated by the section.