Land Acquisition
This section deals with land allotment to individuals, departments and cancellation of allotment in certain cases. As per the State Govt. policy, khas land is allotted to eligible households both in BPL and APL category. Relevant section of TLR&LR Act is section 14(1). Those belonging to APL, have to pay the premium fixed as per the prevailing market rates. The SDM office receives the applications, which are forwarded to Tehsils, through the DCM, for field enquiry and identification of suitable land. Once this report is ready, the Sub-Divisional Land Allotment Committee meets and recommends allotment on merit. The SDLAC has members from the AMC, Nagar Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti. The SDM is the convenor. The recommended cases are forwarded to the DM for getting approval of the RD dept. After conclusion of the formalities, land is allotted and khatiyans are issued. If the allotted land is found to be not possessed by the allotted person, and not used for the purpose intended (homestead/agriculture), then the allotment can be cancelled and the same land can be allotted to another person, following the same procedure.